Cycle 7 2017 requsest for 2019 projects

Sidewalk repair and infill questionnaire form

Comstock Arterial 2016 Proposal is crosswalk at West 37th and South Bernard Street

Comstock 2016 Arterial traffic calming Application Comstock West 37th and Bernard

Comstock 2106 Residential Traffic Calming Application ADA ramps 33rd Avenue Hart Field and 3303 S Manito Blvd

2016 Comstock Residential Traffic Calming Application

2016 Mobil Speed sign Requests for Comstock    Comstock speed-feedback-request-fom-1

Traffic Calming Application- Blank Residential Form 2016

2016-blank arterial-neighborhood-traffic-calming-project-application

Traffic Calming Toolkit-2016

Proposed Traffic Calming Projects-

withdrawn proposal was East 37th sidewalk from S Latawah to S Manito Blvd- retracting

withdrawn  proposal 2016 Arterial Traffic Calming Project Comstock


Comstock Traffic Calming Information  2015 applications and results

Jefferson Crosswalk Tekoa  3626-project-report-Comstock-FINAL REVIEWED-1

29th Ave & Grand Blvd to 32nd 2015   3627-project-report-Comstock-Arterial-29th to 33rd and Grand final decision

Traffic Calming Approval for 2015 29TH AND Lincoln approval flashing lights on stop sign

Traffic Calming Funds Measure info 2015 The ordinance for Traffic Calming Funds

PhotoRed_Grant_Match_Proposal  Proposal by Council member Synder to use PhotoRed funds for projects

2015-traffic-calming-toolbox  the Traffic Calming Tool box is used in the traffic calming project application

2014066 – 2014067 DNS & Sepa Checklist  Determinations of Non Significance  & SEPA Checklists for the following project:  2014066 &   2014077 – 2014 Neighborhood Traffic Calming, Districts 2 & 3

Proposal regarding photo-red funds and Mission Ave crossing