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The Comstock Neighborhood Council was established in 1999. The boundaries of the Council are 29th south to 57th; Perry west to High Drive. There are approximately 3,500 households in our boundaries. Also included is the Manito Shopping Center, Comstock Park, High Drive Park, Manito Golf Club, Sacajawea Middle School and Jefferson Elementary School. Major arterials include Grand Blvd, 29th Avenue, High Drive and Bernard Street. We have diverse demographics and housing. Residential property ranges from under $100,000 to over $2,000,000. Manito Center and the surrounding retail area provides goods and services to much of the South Hill. There are a number of bank branches and medical and dental offices within our boundaries. We are conveniently located within a few minutes of downtown and the freeway, and there is public transportation available.

PeTT, stands for Pedestrian, Traffic and Transportation, and is focused on pedestrian, bicycle, and traffic calming and safety issues.

Parks & Land Use:
The main focus of this committee is Comstock and High Drive Park, along with land use issues.

Clean & Green: We participate in our Neighborhood Clean up, with a Curb-Side Pickup and Clean & Green yard waste disposal in October, hazardous waste pickup for seniors.  Details  and dates will be sent via postcards to all residents of the Comstock Neighborhood.

Meetings: The Comstock and Manito/Cannon Joint Neighborhood Council meets the 4th Tuesday of most months at 7pm at Wilson Elementary School, 911 West 25th Avenue, Spokane in the cafeteria. We usually do not meet in July or August, and Committees meet at other times. Please contact Committee chairs for more information.  Scheduled dates are  February 24, March 24,  April 21, and  May 26.

Membership in the Comstock Neighborhood Council is attained if you live, work or own property within our boundaries and have attended at least one meeting. Only official members can vote in our annual elections.

Click documents tab for meeting agendas and information effecting the neighborhood.